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In his book The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg explains how certain habits we make can greatly impact our entire lifestyle. These habits, he explains, are “keystone habits”, and they have these three things in common:

1. They create small wins - they are measurable, small things that you can check off to give you a sense of victory. This way you start to have confidence that you can accomplish things and momentum builds.

2. They create new platforms - keystone habits aren’t ultimate goals, but they allow us to build upon them. For example, if my goal is to go to the gym first thing in the morning, I’ll probably need to drink more water, thus stay more hydrated throughout the day and eat less as a result.

3. They create a culture in which excellence [or other virtues] are possible - if you are able to succeed at these habits, they get you into the mindset that you will succeed at the other things you’re attempting, despite the obstacles.

If you want to read more about keystone habits [and even more importantly, the cue-routine-reward “habit loop” that you find yourself in], click here [.pdf link, but it’s legit].

So starting today and going through February, the Fit-Teacher challenge is this: identify three keystone habits in your life that you want to begin [make at least one of them related to wellness!] and post weekly about how well you’re doing at purposefully creating that habit. At the end of February, we’ll do a big celebration post with all the new keystone habits we’ve created.

Tag your posts with #3Habits [no space, because the spaced tag is so full of random stuff] and as always, #fit teacher. If you’re not a teacher, still join us! Let’s see what culture of success we can create in a month in our own lives!

Asker blueandgray Asks:
Is fit-teacher coming back for the new year?
fit-teacher fit-teacher Said:

I don’t think Fit-Teacher ever left. The tag can always be used. I still follow it. I still use it.

Maybe we will come up with an easy challenge/goal setting thing for the new year (even though it’s a bit late).

What do you guys think?


Hey guys! Tomorrow I’m forcing myself to stop being lazy and making excuses. Give me your support and prayers and send all your good juju my way. Life changes are bound to happen again. We all know how awesome I was doing and then it just all hit the fan. Christmas break has been good to me… Now let’s start being good to myself.

Love, love, love to this girl. Send her some support, fit teachers!

Hey fit teachers! It’s been awhile since we posted anything, so I wanted to give a quick conditioning routine for you to do at night. It’ll take around 20 minutes to complete.

This is what I sent out to some of the girls I coach. It certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s one that can be increased in intensity as it gets easier.

around the world lunges [what she’s showing you is ½ a rep; repeat on the other leg for a full repetition]
90 second elbow plank
15 tuck up crunches
15 pushups
90 second wall sit
15 superman lifts

Once you get to the end, rest for 2 minutes, then do twice more, for a total of 3 sets.

Let us know if you do it. Here’s to keeping fit and teaching well!

Summer is upon us! Many of us keep busy with jobs, summer projects, travel, classes, and much needed fun.

Summer is a great time to get back to fitness. You have a little extra time to focus on yourself, and not 30 children.

When I got back to working out, I wasn’t sure where to start. I wanted to increase my cardio, but also tone that bod of mine. After going on a few runs, and bike rides I started to add in push-ups every mile and planks. I started with my core and arms. Soon that became a bit boring and I was looking for different exercises. I didn’t want to buy videos and couldn’t really invest in home equipment. I did find the Nike Training Club (NTC). It’s an app in the apple store (I’m unsure if it’s a droid app) I strap my phone to my arm, pick a workout and go at it. The great thing about NTC is that I can do it anywhere. I can do the workouts in an empty studio in my gym, or out in the yard. It also has videos to show you the movement it asks you to do. The workouts range from 15-45 minutes.

This app also has levels to better suit your fitness level. That way you’re less overwhelmed and can find something that works for you.

Now, you may open that app and see that it involves a medicine ball and hand weights… Yes, use the ones at your gym if you’re doing it there. If you’re doing this at home, pick up a brick or a can or two of green beans. Be resourceful! You’re a teacher.

Have fun!

Here’s the link:


Week 4 of c25k is killing me. I can’t beat it! I am not really sure why. I wonder if I am not fueling myself right. So, here is my question? What are your favorite, healthy things to eat, at school and at home? I eat by myself and don’t really like leftovers, so things that I can cook in small sizes would be nice. Also, things that don’t take a long time. I am not a big cooker. Thanks!

Signal boost!

Fellow fit teachers: a few fitblrs have decided to do a DietBet - how it works is you bet $10 and have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. Whoever loses at least that much splits the pot with the other winners, minus the 15% cut that DietBet gets.

If you’re looking for motivation for a spring slump, this could be it! Bet at your own risk. ;)


As I get ready to start training again, I started thinking about how much I’ve learned over the past year since I embarked on this running journey. I know everyone has to figure out what they like to run in, but perhaps reading about what works for me, will help someone else starting out. So here…

This is a great post about what gear has helped this fit-teacher; check it out!

I'm a fit teacher!!! How do I get involved??.
fit-teacher fit-teacher Said:

Great question! The best way to meet other fit teachers is to tag your posts! Tag your training posts, questions, and encouragement with #fit teacher. Also you can look at the roll-call here and add your name. :) There’s nothing super-official about us; if you consider yourself a fit teacher, you are!

With all the talk of New Year and resolutions, Fit-Teacher is hopping on board. We’re going to make some fitness goals for 2013 - but here’s the kicker: you have to join in to help!

The goal is for the Fit Teachers collectively to accomplish these things:

1 full marathon

3 half marathons

10 10Ks

25 5Ks

10 other competitive sport activities [swimming meets, triathalons, bike races, tennis matches, curling tournaments, etc.]

If you complete any of those things this year, make sure to message us so we can add it to the tally! As always, if you want us to add your race to the Fit Teacher calendar do the same. And make sure to tag all your training under “fit teacher” so that others can cheer you on.

Let’s do this!